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Signing Up

1. How long does it take to sign up?

It varies on your level of computer experience, but the actual signup process usually does not take more than 10 minutes!

2. What do I need to get started?

A computer and perhaps a few photos - that's it! We do not even require a credit card when you sign up. It's a true, 7-day Free Trial.

3. Are all your useful features offered with every package?

It depends on your package, but we offer a Free 7-day trial for all of our features. It's only fair that you are able to try them before you buy. We don't want you to subscribe unless you are absolutely satisfied. We recommend at least a Website Package, for the most benefits.

4. How do I get more visitors to my website?

If you would like to get more traffic to your website, we would recommend that you upgrade to a VIP membership. This will list your ad above all other packages. We also recommend you advertise on other service provider directories with a link back to your Cuties Guide website.

5. How do I become a VIP member?

It's the same process as all the other signups - simply select the VIP Package when you are signing up. If you are already a member and would like to upgrade, please contact us and we will handle it for you.

6. I need better pictures - can you help me?

To get more attention and clients, we always recommend having professional pictures taken of yourself. We can try and make your pictures look better (no charge). Today's technology allows anyone with a decent digital camera to take very nice pictures. We can assist you in getting better pictures if you need help or suggestions. Turn on all lights to make the setting as bright as possible, and change your digital camera settings to take the highest quality photos at the highest resolution. Then send those photos to us in your Manage Photos section, even if the file sizes are very large.

7. Where do I go to sign up?

To signup, click on the "Place an Ad" link at the top right. It only takes minutes, and anyone without computer experience can do it. We worked very hard to make the process simple for you.

8. What's a sub-domain?

A sub-domain can be accessed by your website visitors like this: We make your website a sub-domain so it is shorter and easier to remember - not to mention it looks more professional when you are showing your website to a potential client.

9. I already have a domain name. Can I forward it to my sub-domain?

Yes. We can setup your account and domain name ( to work with your Cuties website. Please contact us to set this up.

Billing & Payment

1. Is it really free for 7 days?

Yes. We let every provider try our advertising directory and tools for free, with no risk or payment.

2. Do I need to give my credit card when I sign up?

No. Only after the free trial period, if you are completely satisfied with our website, we can offer multiple methods of payment such as Credit Cards, Money Order, Certified Check and Western Union.

3. What payment options do you offer?

You can pay by Credit Card, Money Order, Certified Check or Western Union. After you have signed up you will see full instructions on how to submit payment.

4. How do I know when my payment is due?

You can log in to our website and click on "Billing & Payments" on the top right corner. Our system will also send you notices when the payment due date approaches.

5. Will I receive a notice that my payment is due?

Details are available in the "Billing & Payments" section after you have logged in to our website.

6. How much do changes cost?

Changes to your website's content costs NOTHING. Other service provider directories only offer you a limited number of changes each month. You can do all the changes yourself, or get us to make it. No matter which way you go, it doesn't cost you a penny.

Manage your Website

1. Can I change my website design?

Absolutely. You can change your professional website design at any time, and the change is immediate. You may have to wait up to 48 hours for the header image to be replaced with a custom, enhanced version of one of your own images though.

2. Can you make a custom template or design?

Yes we can, but it's not free. We can work with you to make your custom website layout.

3. Can Cuties make my website look like my current one?

Yes. If you currently already have a website, we can take the design and make it work with our system... at no cost to you! Then you will be able to take advantage of the features of Cuties Guide, such as having many new sections available on your website and being able to update them instantly.

4. Can I change my photos?

Yes. You have full control of your photos. With our easy photo management software, you can add/remove photos in seconds, and changes are immediate. We will also do professional digital enhancements on your photos for free as well.

5. How many photos can I have?

It varies on your package. Packages range from 20 to 40+ photos. Cuties Guide by far offers you the most number of photos available. We know your clients love photos.

6. How long do I have to wait for my photos to be professionally censored or enhanced?

When you require professional editing by our graphics designers, your photo changes may take up to 48 hours - but it's usually within a few hours. We strive to have every picture request done as soon as possible. Your photos will not be displayed to the public until the changes have been completed by our professionals.

7. Can I make changes to my website?

Absolutely. You can instantly edit every aspect of your website all by yourself using our online software.

8. Can you help me make changes to my website? I still don't feel comfortable doing it.

Absolutely. Simply contact us once you have logged in and let us know what changes you would like.

9. Can I add client reviews?

Yes, you will need to add them yourself. We opted for this due to the high number of fake reviews being added by website visitors and other service providers.

10. What's a blog?

A blog is an online journal or diary, and you can post entries into it like a real journal. It is a way to intrigue your website browsers and offer them a personal touch. Updating your blog makes people come back and see what's new.

11. What happens when I disable a photo?

If you disable your photo, it will not be shown on your website. You are still able to see it in your control panel, but your website visitors will not.

12. How many mailing list members can I have?

As many as you want - we do not limit this.

13. Can my members see each other's e-mail addresses?

No. Each e-mail is sent individually and only contains your e-mail address and the receivers. Therefore, your list members cannot see each other's email addresses.

14. Can I delete mailing list members?

Yes you can. When you click on your list in the Mailing List section of your control panel, you will be able to see a popup window with all your active mailing list members. Find the e-mail you would like to remove and click on "Delete".

15. What tips do you have for taking a good photo?

Make the room as bright as possible. Change your camera's settings to take the photo in the highest quality and at the highest resolution. When you upload your photo to us and you want professional enhancements, upload the biggest original file you have. Don't worry if the file size is large - the bigger the file size, the better we can enhance your photo.

About Cuties Tools

1. How do I contact someone at Cuties Tools?

We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Please visit our Contact Us page to see which method is most convenient for you. Online live chat or email is usually the quickest way to reach us.

2. What is the Live Help feature?

Our customer service team is on standby so that you can chat with them live, in real time. Just click on the button and you will be talking to a real person.

3. How many people work at Cuties Tools?

Cuties Guide is a team of 10 people. We have professional graphics designers, software developers, and a customer service team.

4. How long has Cuties Tools been around?

Cuties Guide has been online since early 2005, but adopted a whole new system in early 2008. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a software which allows service providers to maximize their business.


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